Chapter 50. The Java Gradle Plugin Development Plugin

The java gradle plugin development plugin is currently incubating. Please be aware that the DSL and other configuration may change in later Gradle versions.

The Java Gradle Plugin development plugin can be used to assist in the development of Gradle plugins. It automatically applies the Java plugin, adds the gradleApi() dependency to the compile configuration and performs validation of plugin metadata during jar task execution.

50.1. Usage

To use the Java Gradle Plugin Development plugin, include the following in your build script:

Example 50.1. Using the Java Gradle Plugin Development plugin


apply plugin: 'java-gradle-plugin'

Applying the plugin automatically applies the Java plugin and adds the gradleApi() dependency to the compile configuration. It also decorates the jar task with validations.

The following validations are performed:

  • There is a plugin descriptor defined for the plugin.
  • The plugin descriptor contains an implementation-class property.
  • The implementation-class property references a valid class file in the jar.

Any failed validations will result in a warning message.