SORCER Lab - Security References

  1. Getting started with JINI 2.x
    Dan Creswell
  2. The Jini Security Model Revisited (Redux)
    Brian Murphy
  3. Using SSL With JINI 2.0
    Dan Creswell
  4. Basic Security
    Jan Newmarch
  5. Advanced Security
    Jan Newmarch
  6. Brian Murphy's Guide to writing/deploying JINI 2.x clients and services and the Full length version
  7. Perform a JAAS login
    John McClain
  8. Jini Security - an Overview
    Sekhar Sooriananrian
  9. Using Java's Keytool
  10. JAAS introduction - introduction and resources.
  11. Using JAAS with JINI - Part of the moving code to 2.x series by John McClain.
  12. CA-based Trust Model for Grid Authentication and Identity Delegation
  13. Jini Extensible Remote Invocation - CS5376 Handouts
  14. Code Mobility and Class Loading - CS5376 Handouts
  15. Jini Service UIs in SORCER - CS5376 Handouts
  16. Intrinsic Security in SORCER Grid
    Abhijit Rai
  17. Smart Card Authentication and Authorization Framework
    Saurabh Bhatla
  18. SILENUS - A Federated Service-Oriented Approach to Distributed File System
    Max Berger
  19. DeployUtil - utilities for deployment of a JINI service in a single .jar
  20. Archives of JINI-USERS@JAVA.SUN.COM
  21. Group Key Agreement
    1. Group Key Agreement for Ad Hoc Networks
    2. An Efficient Group Key Agreement Protocol for Ad hoc Networks
    3. Exploring Robustness in Group Key Agreement
    4. On the Performance of Group Key Agreement Protocols