Project Automation

The SORCER Project uses Gradle to automate the building, testing, publishing, deployment of services. Gradle combines the power and flexibility of Ant with the dependency management and conventions of Maven into a more effective way to build. Gradle is powered by a Groovy Domain Specific Language (DSL), Gradle providing a declarative way to describe how the SORCER Project is built, deployed and assembled.

Top Tasks to Remember

Using Gradle with the SORCER Project is easy

  1. Lists all available tasks in the current project

    gradle tasks
  2. Builds the SORCER distribution

    gradle distribution
  3. Builds the SORCER installer

    gradle installer
  4. Builds and install project artifacts to the local Maven repository

    gradle install
  5. Cleans (delete) project artifacts (all output in each project’s build directory)

    gradle clean
  6. Builds and publish project artifacts to the shared Maven repository

    gradle publish
  7. Builds and test a project

    gradle test
  8. Starts the SORCER service browser

    gradle browser
  9. Starts a provider (from this service provider project)

    gradle bootme
  10. Stops a provider (from this service provider project)

    gradle stopme
  11. Starts a requestor (from a service requestor project)

    gradle runRequestor
  12. Combines starting SORCER and the browser

    gradle bootSorcer
    or if you want to use services provisioned on demand
    gradle bootSorcerRio
  13. Combines starting SORCER and the browser

    gradle bootSorcer browser
  14. Aggregates all tests, view them in build/reports/tests/index.html

    gradle allTests
  15. Halts SORCER OS Services

    gradle terminateSorcer
    or if you started up with the task bootSorcerRio call
    gradle terminateSorcerRio
  16. Generates and aggregates all Java documentation

    gradle allJavadoc


Gradle provides for task shortcuts. What this means is you can use camel-casing to shorth typing a task name to execute. For example:

gradle bootSorcer

Can be shortened to:

gradle bS


gradle runRequestor

Can be shortened to:

gradle rR

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Version: 1.0-SNAPSHOT. Last Published: 2020-01-18.