The following tutorials introduce some of the basics of SORCER, to help you get started.

Installing the SORCER project

Describes the requirements and how to install SORCER from GitHub.

Conceptualization of Service Orientation

Introduces the true SORCER service-oriented concepts

Data Contexts

Teaches how to specify and use data in service contexts.

Context Models

Introduces the basics of declarative mogramming data contexts and context models.

Service Routines

Introduces the basics of imperative mogramming signature, provider, service, and context.

Create and Build the Service Project

Shows how to define and build both service requestor and provider then how to run them and test.

Network Shell (nsh)

The SORCER Network SHell (nsh) provides a command line interface for interfacing with the SORCER platform.

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Version: 1.0-SNAPSHOT. Last Published: 2020-01-18.