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If you tell me, I will forget; if you show me, I will remember; if you let me experience, I will learn.
Lao Tzu.

The current and future projects related to the Laboratory's research domains are supported by external grants or are graduate thesis topics. Courses offered by Dr. Michael Sobolewski are designed to facilitate the execution of these projects.

  1. An Algorithmic Logic for Job Control Contexts

  2. An Embedded Database Framework for Service-Oriented Computing

  3. Monitoring Execution of Service-Oriented Programs

  4. Profiling service providers

  5. Tracing job execution and performance analysis of service providers

  6. Debugging Service-Oriented Programs

  7. Comprehensive notification management (notifier, email notifications, tracer, monitor, debugger, profiler, provisioner, reporter, auditor, securer)

  8. A Surrogate Framework for Limited Service-Oriented Clients

  9. An Activation Framework for Service Providers

  10. A Service UI for Service Requestors

  11. Smart Proxy Providers for SORCER

  12. Jini Security for SORCER

  13. Service-Oriented Databases

  14. JXTA Service Providers in SORCER

  15. Dispatching Service Tasks to JXTA Peers in SORCER

  16. Security defined by Policy object  created from DB

  17. Authentication and Authorization framework for SORCER (Securer service)

  18. Guarded objects in SORCER

  19. Proxy verification for SeviceProvider

  20. Mobile Code and Agents in SORCER

  21. Self-Aware Agents in SORCER

  22. An Autonomic Agent-Based Framework in SORCER

  23. Notification/Transcription Management in SORCER

  24. Answer-Set Semantics SORCER Providers

  25. SOAP-Based SORCER Providers

  26. Collaborative SORCER Programming Tools

  27. A Framework for Thin Service Requestors (web browser, appletviewer, service UI)

  28. S2S communication in SORCER (direct, cataloger, space)

  29. Service Provisioning in the SORCER Environments

  30. Trust in the SORCER Environments

  31. Object-Space computing in the SORCER Environments

  32. Globus (OGSA) integration with SORCER Environments

  33. Document Manager and File Store with SORCER Providers

  34. XML Support for SORCER Programming (task and job representations in XML)

  35. Embedded policy databases for service providers (protection domains)

  36. JavaSpaces manager for SORCER (Spacer service)

  37. QoS with capability based lattice computing

  38. Job exertions with multiple jobbers over SORCER.lattice

  39. Mobile Device (CDC, CLDC) Gateways to SORCER

  40. Java Card Cryptography Services for SORCER

  41. Transaction management for Requestor/Jobber/Provider

  42. Lease management Requestor/Jobber/Provider

  43. SORCER Instrumentation - platform MBeans

  44. Chunks management for SILENUS

  45. Virtual file framework for SILENUS

  46. Asynchronous Federated Method Invocation

  47. Transactional Federated Method Invocation

  48. URL sorcer/silenus protocol handlers

  49. Workflow editor for exertion-oriented programming

  50. Annotating service context with service signatures

  51. Service provider installer with IzPack

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