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SORCER Timeline

This timeline is meant to document the history of the SORCER lab activities.

SORCER  remains committed to leading the service-oriented  revolution, expanding the boundaries of today's information technology and forecasting and redefining the capabilities of the computer as the service-oriented metacomputer.

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Mar 2002 SORCER Vision presented;
FIPER: The Federated S2S Services in Environment, JavaOne, Sun’s 2002 Worldwide Java Developer Conference
Aug SORCER announced at CE2002
    Keynote paper on "Federated P2P Services in CE Environments" presented at CE2002
Sept   Subcontract from GE Global Research Center for FIPER Enhancement'02
Graduate course CS-5331 Network Security offered (students)
Nov Successful NIST FIPER Annual Review
The SORCER Lab opens its doors
Dec   FIPER Enhancements 2002 completed and documented in four research reports
Jan 2003 FIPER Enhancements 2002 documented in five technical reports
Jan The lab finds its own home - CP  B20
    Course CS-5331 Advanced Network Programming offered
Course CS-3392 Computer Networks offered
    Subcontract from GE Global Research Center for FIPER Enhancements'03
Feb SORCER Vision Illustrated in 3 Posters
Mar Ray Kolonay's Visit, FIPER V.5 Requirements Defined
May SORCER network infrastructure established
July CS 4000/5331course Java Programming offered
Sept 25-30 Mike invited to Bejing Jiatong Uiversity, Beijing, China - FIPER/SORCER
Sept Website Support for the 11th International Conference on Concurrent Engineering - Research and Applications, Beijing, China, 26 - 30 July, 2004 -
Course CS5331 Peer-to-Peer Computing offered
Oct CE 2004 website hosted by the SORCER Lab
Nov SORCER at SC2003
Dec SORCER P2P Computing projects completed
Jan 2004 CS 5331 Mobile Computing offered
Successful SORCER Proth Pilot with HPCC TTU
Feb 2004 Young Engineer Award, Dr. Scott Burton one of the major contributors to FIPER/SORCER
Successful SORCER Demo at WP AFB
Mar Document Manager for CE2004 developed
Apr SORCR network upgraded (DB server and Xserve G5)
Two SORCER assisted GISO-A and GISO-B senior design projects completed
SORCER Spring04 Party
May SORCER BLAST deployed at USDA-ARS, Lubbock, TX
Document Manager deployed by IT TTU with SORCER Lab assistance
  03 Thesis defended by Sekhar Soorianarayanan
Mobile Computing projects completed
SORCER Lab Overview
June Java Communities in Action. June 29, 2004
SGrid - SORCER demo at JavaOne 2004
July Participation at the 11th International Conference on Concurrent Engineering - Research and Applications, Beijing, China, 26 - 30 July, 2004 -
Two SORCER related papers published, Award for Outstanding Service as the Program Chair for Mike Sobolewski
Aug Invited talks at Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) on Grid and Service-Oriented Computing: The Intergrid Perspective, Seoul, S. Korea, August 6, 2004
Website Support for the 12th International Conference on Concurrent Engineering - Research and Applications, Renaissance Worthington Hotel - Ft. Worth/Dallas, USA, 25 - 29 July, 2005,
Sept 13 Thesis defended by Mukundan Desikan
14 Thesis defended by Rama-Krishna Rao Pathangi
Dec Contributed to Sun's white paper on Build a Compute Grid with Jini™ Technology by Sun Microsystems.
18 Sekhar Soorianarayanan, Mukundan DesikanRama-Krishna Rao Pathangi graduated
02 Thesis defended by Abhijit Rai
06 Thesis defended by Sandhya Madireddy
07 Thesis Defended by Vivek Khurana
Jan 2005 Academic Excellence Grant from Sun Microsystems, 5 new servers and 7 Sun Ray stations for the SORCER lab.
CS 5376 Communication Networks offered spring 2005 that includes Service-Oriented Networks (Jini, JXTA, Globus) and SORCER.
Feb 25 SORCER Update, GUG meeting
Mar The Yield Tracker project funded by USDA, Lubbock - funding for two students: Yongjun Rong and Fajin Wang
09 Thesis defended by Saurabh Bhatla
25 Thesis defended by Ravi-Kiran Malladi-Venkata
31 Thesis defended by Kiran Masapari
May Saurabh Bhatla, Sandhya Madireddy, Kiran Masapari, Abhijit Rai,   Ravi-Kiran Malladi-Venkata graduated
Jun 29 Thesis defended by Timmayya Ame
Jul 25-29 CE2005: The 12th ISPE International Conference on Concurrent Engineering: Research and Applications Next Generation Concurrent Engineering: Smart and Concurrent Integration of Product Data, Services, and Control Strategies
Renaissance Worthington Hotel - Ft. Worth/Dallas, USA, 25 - 29 July, 2005 - supported by the SORCER lab, three papers presented (see publications)
Aug 01 Thesis defended by Manu Ravichandran
The Yield Tracker project (six months) funded by Professor Steve Maas, USDA, Lubbock completed successfully (Yongjun Rong, Fajin Wang)
29 Course CS-5331 Design Patterns offered
Timmayya Kalappa Ame graduated
Oct Two Sun Ray VLANs (Linux/Solaris) with 6 stations on new 2Gbps network - secure access with smart cards
Nov 02 Manu's Pizza Farewell Party
Dec The Yield Tracker project for USDA, Lubbock - extended, funding for Vijay Akkineni
17 Manu M. Ravichandran and  Vivek Khurana graduated
Jan 11,
CS-4000-1/5331-2 Spring 2006, Object-Oriented Programming in Java offered
Feb 23 COE Research Open House - SORECER research activities including SILENUS, SGrid, Yield Tracker projects demonstrated
25 SORCER Lab members assist TCEA High School Programming Contest - Judges
April 07 SORCER Metacomputing concepts defined
May 11 Thesis defended by Yongjun Rong (dinner)
Jun 26 AF Research Lab, WP AFB, Michael Alger - Internship, Mike Sobolewski - ASEE Faculty Fellow 2006 AF SFFP (9 weeks)
Aug 12 Yongjun Rong  graduated
Fall 06 CS 5376 Communication Networks offered, includes Service-Oriented Networks (Jini, JXTA, Globus) and SORCER.
CS4311 Senior Project Design offered - 4 SORCER related projects
Sept 04-07 Mike invited to BeiHnag Uiversity, Beijing, China - FIPER/SORCER
17 Manu and Mukundan - home coming
Oct 26 Thesis  defended by Michael Angelo A. Alger (dinner)
27 Dissertation defended by Max Berger
Dec 07 Presentations at TTU Grid Users Group Meeting:
- SILENUS: SORCER Federated File System - Max Berger
- BitTorrent in SILENUS - Adam Turner
12-20 Mike invited to Jiaotong Uiversity, Beijing, China - FIPER/SORCER
15 Max Berger graduated
Jan 10, 2007 CS4311 Senior Project Design offered - 2 SORCER related projects
Feb 22 Research Open House - SORCER Research Group, Thank you letter
24 SORCER Lab members assist TCEA High School Programming Contest - Judges
Mar 05 TTU University Day - presenting CS/SORCER
05 Mike selected as a ASEE Faculty Fellow for 2007 Air Force Summer  Faculty Fellowship Program at AFRL/VA WPAFB, OH. Chris Hard as his research assistant.
28 Thesis  defended by Adam Turner (dinner)
April 17 Mike signed three international collaborative agreements:
1. With the Computer Research Institute of Korolev Samara State Aerospace University, Samara, Russia and the School of Mathematics and Information Technologies of Ulyanovsk State University, Ulyanovsk, Russia
2. 720 Laboratory, BeiHang University, Beijing, China
3.  Intelligent Engineering Laboratory, Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing China
25 Thesis  defended by Daniela Inclezan (dinner)
Thesis  defended by Fajin Wang (dinner)
May 16-24 Mike invited by Samara State Aerospace University and Ulyanovsk State University
22 Mike awarded the title of Honorary Professor of Computer Science at Ulyanovsk State University, May 22, 2007
Jun 6-7 Daniela [paper] and Max [paper] presented papers at 2nd Annual Symposium on Information Assurance
SORCER related research at AFRL/VA WPAFB, OH. Mike as an ASEE Faculty Fellow for 2007 Air Force Summer  Faculty and Chris Hard as his research assistant.
Aug 27 Fall 2007 SORCER related courses offered: CS4392 and CS5376
Aug 28-
Nov 1
Dr. Wensheng Xu from Beijing Jiaotong University, a Visiting Scholar for 2 months at SORCER Lab (SCoD project)
Sept 3-7 Professor JT Deng's (BeiHang University, China) visit to SORCER Lab and Palo Duro Canyon - SCoD project coordination
Sept 19-24 Professor John Cha's (Beijing Jiaotong University, China)  visit to SORCER Lab - CoSEA project coordination
Oct 15- 21 The Russian Delegation visit to SORCER Lab and TTU
Nov 20 Li Guo from BeiHang University, Beijing, China, a visiting Scholar for 1 year at SORCER Lab (CoSEA project)
Jan 2008 CS3365 Software Engineering offered for SORCER adepts
Jan 11 Thesis  defended by Adam Thomas-Murphy (dinner)
March 26 Thesis  defended by Daniel Kerr
Apr 18 Seminar for Mechanical Engineering, TTU
Metacomputing in Concurrent Engineering [ Abstract]
April 30 Thesis defended by Chris Hard
Jun SORCER papers presented at ASIA'08 (Best Paper Award), ICEIS 2008, WETICE'08
Jun 22 Mike's SORCER Research at AFRL, June 23 August
Aug 25 Fall 2008 SORCER related courses offered: CS3365 and CS5376
Oct 14 Thesis defended by Sujit Bhosale
Nov Pawl Rubach from Warsaw School of Economics, Poland, Fulbright Visiting Scholar at SORCER Lab, Nov 2008-May 2009
Research: SLA-based QoS Framework for Federated Autonomic Computing
Jan 2009 CS3365 Software Engineering offered for SORCER adepts
March 24 Thesis defended by Greg McChesney
Apr 28 CS Colloquium, Pawel Rubach: SLA-based QoS Framework for Federated Computing Environments
May 4 Thesis defended by Satish Vellanki
Jul Dec Mike's SORCER Research at AFRL/WPAFB, Directorate of Air Vehicles, Multidisciplinay Science and Technology Center.
Oct 9 Thesis defended by Amaresh Ghosh
Jan 2010 SORCER Lab moved to as the independent lab with the goal to create the open source metacomputing platform.
Feb 17 SORCER presented at the workshop on Service Oriented Architecture pushed to the limit in eGovernment by the European Commision
From June Mike's SORCER research continued at AFRL/WPAFB, Directorate of Air Vehicles, Multidisciplinay Science and Technology Center.
Sept 6

Tutorial at CE2010: Metacomputing Analysis and Design in SORCER and the paper on Version Control Management for Federated
Service-oriented File Sharing

Oct 28 Keynote at OTM2010: Exerted Enterprise Computing: from Protocol-oriented to Exertion-oriented Networking
Nov 16 Dissertation defended by Pawel Rubach
Jan 2010 Keynote on Provisioning Object-oriented Service Clouds for Exertion-oriented Programming at the 1st International Conference on Cloud Computing and Services Science (CLOSER 2011)
June 26-20 Service ORiented Computing EnviRonment (SORCER) for Large Scale, Distributed, Dynamic Fidelity Aeroelastic Analysis & Optimization at International Forum on Aeroelasticity and Structural Dynamics (IFASD2011), Paris, France.
Oct 28 Keynote at OTM2010: Exerted Enterprise Computing: from Protocol-oriented to Exertion-oriented Networking
Jan 2012 The SORCER related project funded by NSFC (National Natural Science Foundation of China): No. 51175033, from January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2015, ”Research on manufacturing resource integration and coordination management based on SOOA in cloud manufacturing environment”.
May   Object-Oriented Service Clouds for Transdisciplinary Computing in Cloud Computing and Services Science, (Eds.) I. Ivanov, M. van Sinderen, B.Shishkov, Springer, ISBN 978-1-4614-2325-6, 2012, pp. 3-32

Sept   Unified Mogramming with Var-Oriented Modeling and Exertion-Oriented Programming Languages, Int. J. Communications, Network
and System Sciences, 2012, 5, 9, (

Sept 3-7 SORCER Service-oriented Programming for Design Space Exploration at CE2012


The snaphost of of SORCER (open source version) released by Software S.A., the contract number POIG.01.04.00-14-062/12 Engineering Toolkit in cooperation with the Polsih-Japanese Institute of IT. The S.A. is focused on the commertial tools for the SORCER environment.
June 1-2 Workshop on Exertion-oriented Programming with Open Source SORCER, Ulyanovsk State University, Russia
June16 The first version of the stable open source SORCER realased by
Sept 2-6 A SORCER related keynote, paper, and tutorial presnted at the CE2013 conference, Melbourne, Australia by the AFRL/WPAFB team (Drs R. Kolonay, M. Sobolewski, and S. Burton)
Jan 2014 Jan 13-17 a graduate SORCER-based course on Service-oriented Network System by Mike Sobolewskis at Polish-Japanese University, Warsaw, Poland
May29 Keynote on "Integrated Product Development with Context-aware Multi-fidelity Domain-specific Models and True Services" at the International Conference on Advanced and Agile Manufacturing Systems (ICAM-2014)
May 30 At ICAM 2014 Mike Sobolewski received the ISPE USA Life Time Achievment Award
June   "Service Oriented Computing Platform: An Architectural Case Study" by Mike Sobolewki in R. Ramanathan and K. Raja, Handbook of Research on Architectural Trends in Service-Driven Computing, Vol. 1, Chapter 10. Hershey, PA: IGI Global. doi:10.4018/978-1-4666-6178-3.
Sept 8-11 "Unifying Front-end and Back-end Federated Services for Integrated Product Development", Keynote at the 21st ISPE Inc. International Conference on Concurrent Engineering held at the Beijing Jiaotong University, China, September 8-11th, 2014.
( Presented an

Academic Lecture to the members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering on "A Federated Computing Environment to Achive the Best in Class Approach (BCA)".
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